February 22, 2017

I cannot believe it is almost a year! I was actually forgot my blogspot email and password. Thank God I recorded it last time.

I have done my internship and presentation. I have got my last semester result and I am actually graduated and currently unemployed. Waiting for the convocation day and JOB. My sixth (last) semester result was not really satisfying yet I still thankful because it is actually not really bad. I felt a little bit hurt because my CGPA dropped. But it is okay though. I have done my best. Past is past.

How I spend my every day after my study life? So far I have been wasting time like A LOT seriously. Being at home, hang out with friends, scrolling timeline, selfie, yada yada. You know. But I do not feel sorry for myself to be honest. I really feel like taking a break for a while and I am glad I can relax. However, shortage of money is on the top of my concern so far. About job, of course it is in my concern too but just give me a quite long break before I started to have a job and need to be working for the rest of my life because I need it.

Friends? Well well. I am totally fck-ed up with every single one of them. Enough said.

Good night.

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