March 17, 2016

Hi! What's up? I just had my dinner. Gardenia Choco Raisin bread. I'm actually very hungry right know but that's all I got. Nothing to cook, nothing to buy since I only have RM4 left in my wallet today and I've spent it to buy the bread, with a hope that the bread will lasts for 2 days, which is today and tomorrow. I'm actually waiting for my jpa allowance to be debited into my account and it has been 3 weeks! (I wish there's emoji) So what about you? Have you eaten yet?

Yesterday I told you that I play futsal. Now I'm gonna tell you what I actually play yesterday. I reached the court at 6pm. I saw a few different types of balls. There were handball, volleyball, futsal ball, and netball. Guess which ball I grab first? Who know me know. Netball of course. It has been 5 freaking years! I was like so excited! So much throwback. I still remember my team and how crazy we were. How I wish we can gather and play again. I miss them a lot! Right now, if I'm given a time machine, I'll go back to 2009 with my netball team.

After playing netball, I played handball. I actually don't know the rules. After like 20 minutes practicing, I gave up because I think it is boring. So I quit and play futsal, finally. I did enjoy it yesterday. I used to play futsal but the last time I play was like 6 months ago I guess. And my team lost 3-0. K fine. Hahaha!

After futsal I went for volleyball. I was wearing my KTPM volleyball jersey which I bought for my volleyball subject when I was studying at KPTM. Everybody thought I represented KPTM for volleyball. But honestly, I can't play volleyball. I don't even know how to play and I don't really have the interest to play, but yesterday, I was like.. okay let's try. And I tried for 15 minutes then I quit. 

So I tried it all yesterday and I enjoyed it so much!
Okay done about yesterday. I'm sorry if this entry is boring. I really am. (sad emoji)

I would like to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone. I can't mention his name for some reason. He is my old friend, best friend, my love, my enemy. (Damn I need emoji!)

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