March 16, 2016

Hi! How are you? I hope I have a reader. I'm great! Currently in my final year for degree, final semester before practical. 

I've moved to a new house this semester and I met new mates. I love meeting new people! My friends couldn't understand me because I can live with strangers. I was like, why not? Everybody WAS a stranger till we met them and become their friends, right? My best friends were strangers to me. Your friends were strangers to you. Right.

I was thinking to post an entry lately, like I REALLY WANT TO POST SOMETHING! So here I am, after class, laying on bed with my laptop, music on. As usual, when it comes to the writing moment, I'm out of words.

Quarter past five already and I have futsal at another 15 minutes with my freaking classmates. We have tournament next week and honestly we don't know how to play so we need training. It's blooming hot outside and I'm ready to be burnt. No I'm not. I'd love to burn all my fats but not my already tanned skin.

I got to go. Bye!

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