December 7, 2015

There is someone I like, adore. Fancy.
And you might have gone through this. You might have felt the same.

This is the fact.

Almost a year for no reason, I just like you.
Watching you from distance, staring at you. Look at every single angle of you.
Nothing I can do. Body suffers, my will.

Hair to forehead to cheeks to lips.
Those acnes sometimes appear sometimes disappear.
You are so tall, no biceps at all.

I saw your eyes, with the sunlight it's brown.
Myopia but beautiful. Very.
That glass makes you look nerdy, brakes me even more.

Hand. You're left-handed. Twice I recognise.
Black stone ring. That's new.

Long sleeve tee. Jeans.
Flipflop forever.

Coward, silence, innocent, cheater at the same time.
You were afraid because you are late.
You never respond to questions.
Everyone got the paper except you.
You have secretly asked the person next to you.

How can you be so perfect?
Why can't you see?

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