You fell in love with someone who happened to be the people from a different country and believe in a different religion.
Different country isn't really a big problem BUT different religion is.
He drinks, he loves bacon so much, he smokes sometimes and he has no idea about your religion, at all. You have tried to explain and you have suggested him some videos so that he can learn. He loves you too but he doesn't seem interested to learn. And you too, will never ever convert to another religion as you know you are in the right path. Never in your thought.
But you both love each other so much. So pure.
You keep praying for your lover, you keep asking God to show him the light, the truth. You keep trying, keep doing the best you can because you remember your lover once said, "we never know what's gonna happen in the future". Deep down you know this relationship is not gonna work out but you ignore it. You know you'll hurt again. You know you'll failed again…