March 16, 2017

Does someone with the ability to see beauty in imperfections exist? Someone who dives a little deeper in everything.

February 22, 2017

I cannot believe it is almost a year! I was actually forgot my blogspot email and password. Thank God I recorded it last time.

I have done my internship and presentation. I have got my last semester result and I am actually graduated and currently unemployed. Waiting for the convocation day and JOB. My sixth (last) semester result was not really satisfying yet I still thankful because it is actually not really bad. I felt a little bit hurt because my CGPA dropped. But it is okay though. I have done my best. Past is past.

How I spend my every day after my study life? So far I have been wasting time like A LOT seriously. Being at home, hang out with friends, scrolling timeline, selfie, yada yada. You know. But I do not feel sorry for myself to be honest. I really feel like taking a break for a while and I am glad I can relax. However, shortage of money is on the top of my concern so far. About job, of course it is in my concern too but just give me a quite long break before I started to have a job and need to be working for the rest of my life because I need it.

Friends? Well well. I am totally fck-ed up with every single one of them. Enough said.

Good night.

March 17, 2016

Hi! What's up? I just had my dinner. Gardenia Choco Raisin bread. I'm actually very hungry right know but that's all I got. Nothing to cook, nothing to buy since I only have RM4 left in my wallet today and I've spent it to buy the bread, with a hope that the bread will lasts for 2 days, which is today and tomorrow. I'm actually waiting for my jpa allowance to be debited into my account and it has been 3 weeks! (I wish there's emoji) So what about you? Have you eaten yet?

Yesterday I told you that I play futsal. Now I'm gonna tell you what I actually play yesterday. I reached the court at 6pm. I saw a few different types of balls. There were handball, volleyball, futsal ball, and netball. Guess which ball I grab first? Who know me know. Netball of course. It has been 5 freaking years! I was like so excited! So much throwback. I still remember my team and how crazy we were. How I wish we can gather and play again. I miss them a lot! Right now, if I'm given a time machine, I'll go back to 2009 with my netball team.

After playing netball, I played handball. I actually don't know the rules. After like 20 minutes practicing, I gave up because I think it is boring. So I quit and play futsal, finally. I did enjoy it yesterday. I used to play futsal but the last time I play was like 6 months ago I guess. And my team lost 3-0. K fine. Hahaha!

After futsal I went for volleyball. I was wearing my KTPM volleyball jersey which I bought for my volleyball subject when I was studying at KPTM. Everybody thought I represented KPTM for volleyball. But honestly, I can't play volleyball. I don't even know how to play and I don't really have the interest to play, but yesterday, I was like.. okay let's try. And I tried for 15 minutes then I quit. 

So I tried it all yesterday and I enjoyed it so much!
Okay done about yesterday. I'm sorry if this entry is boring. I really am. (sad emoji)

I would like to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone. I can't mention his name for some reason. He is my old friend, best friend, my love, my enemy. (Damn I need emoji!)

March 16, 2016

Hi! How are you? I hope I have a reader. I'm great! Currently in my final year for degree, final semester before practical. 

I've moved to a new house this semester and I met new mates. I love meeting new people! My friends couldn't understand me because I can live with strangers. I was like, why not? Everybody WAS a stranger till we met them and become their friends, right? My best friends were strangers to me. Your friends were strangers to you. Right.

I was thinking to post an entry lately, like I REALLY WANT TO POST SOMETHING! So here I am, after class, laying on bed with my laptop, music on. As usual, when it comes to the writing moment, I'm out of words.

Quarter past five already and I have futsal at another 15 minutes with my freaking classmates. We have tournament next week and honestly we don't know how to play so we need training. It's blooming hot outside and I'm ready to be burnt. No I'm not. I'd love to burn all my fats but not my already tanned skin.

I got to go. Bye!

December 7, 2015

There is someone I like, adore. Fancy.
And you might have gone through this. You might have felt the same.

This is the fact.

Almost a year for no reason, I just like you.
Watching you from distance, staring at you. Look at every single angle of you.
Nothing I can do. Body suffers, my will.

Hair to forehead to cheeks to lips.
Those acnes sometimes appear sometimes disappear.
You are so tall, no biceps at all.

I saw your eyes, with the sunlight it's brown.
Myopia but beautiful. Very.
That glass makes you look nerdy, brakes me even more.

Hand. You're left-handed. Twice I recognise.
Black stone ring. That's new.

Long sleeve tee. Jeans.
Flipflop forever.

Coward, silence, innocent, cheater at the same time.
You were afraid because you are late.
You never respond to questions.
Everyone got the paper except you.
You have secretly asked the person next to you.

How can you be so perfect?
Why can't you see?